Young girls of this days are very lazy, people are looking for househelp, people are looking for those that will wash plate in the restaurant, who said there are no jobs? everyone must not work in the office to be self sufficient. -DG NAPTIP

♣The Director  General National Agency For Prohabitation of trafficking in person (NAPTIP) was interviewed by the Publisher /CEO, Dragon Babatunde Adedotun (Pleasure Magazine) , with Faith Kirian (KIW) on the issue of anti-human trafficking under the Ministry of Gender,  Children and Social Protection .












♣The interview with Julie was done on the 6th Feb 2018 which gave a clear picture of the problem of human trafficking in Nigeria, the solution and ways of ending it.

♣Human trafficking is one of the fundamental problems we have in Nigeria, issues like modern slave trade in Libya, Commercial or Sexual exploitation, girls trafficking, Child abuse, Gender discrimination etc.


♣Julie Okah, a legal practitioner who have worked in both private and public institutions, the Author of a book titled Parenting in the 21 century, is also the current DG of NAPTIP condemned this ugly trend against the feminine gender.

♣According to Julie!  She defines Human Trafficking as as humans distributing  humans for the purpose of sexual exploitation, false labor and organ harvesting.

♣Human trafficking is done through deceit and lies in order to hypnotize the victims thereby giving the perpetrators a level of control over the hearts and minds of their vulnerable catch.

♣This is achieved by taking the victim to a shrine to swear to an oath of secrecy  not to divulge the evil trade of the perpetrators to anyone while instilling the fear of death in them if they dare break the oath or even try to run away while on the supposed voyage abroad in order to heck them to the marrow while in the service of their various masters be it as sex works, force labor and bestial wores to mention but a few.

♣She berated the root cause of this menace to ignnorace, laziness and greed stressing that everyone wants to make it over night but has sadly led bright stars who would have been great asset to our nation to a journey of no return as many of them have not just lost their sense of dignity but also their lives while many have become fugitives.

♣While commenting on some efforts being made to curb this trend, Julie said they have written a letter of approval to West Africa Govervonments to repatriate our girls attempting to use their borders to sneak into those volatile regions with the risks associated therein,  while emphasizing a stronger cooperation among the West African countries to combat human trafficking in all its facets.

♣According to her ‘ I will rather sell plantain in Nigeria than to be sexually exploited in another country”


♣If they claim that there is no job in Nigeria and they allow themselves to be exploited or deceived going to another country prostituting is bad.

♣A lot of awearness needs to be done, the young girls of this days are very lazy, people are looking for house help, people are looking for plate to wash in the restaurant,  who says there are no jobs? you can decide to fry akara and make money out from it, everyone must not work in an office to be self sufficient.


♣My advice for young woman is that they should work hard, believe in themselves, believe in Nigeria, women should start  thinking of how to be ontop and not below, get involve in politics and take the role of leadership.














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