(I said “Yes!) Eno – and olaku wedding 💒

♣They met at a friend’s party in December 2012 .

♣According to the bride our families already knew eachother in church so it was easy for the two families to blend

♣Kunle had been planning to propose towards the end of the year of their meeting, he was coming up with ideas and sourcing out a location for the‘perfect proposal but he later realized that there is no perfect proposal setting, what matters the most is proposing.

♣In October 10, 2015 they were heading out to a dinner, kunle started telling her how much he love her, how important she is to him, and how he hopes they can spend the rest of their lives together as they walk.

♣Immediately he got down on one knee pulled out a ring (from his sock!) and proposed!

(She said “Yes!)

Traditional Yoruba Attire🌹


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